Posted January 20, 2011 by admin in Finance

Added Insulation, Added Savings


Two and a half years ago, Father Miser and I moved our clan into a 20-year-old home in the burbs.  We were happy to find this house because it was very spacious and had a lot of potential.  And, since not all cosmetic renovations had been done, the price was right.  So, one August day we moved all of our furniture and boxes, content with the promises held by a new house you hope to one day make a home.

Imagine our utter shock that first winter when we received our heating bill and saw that we owed $500 for the month of January!  We were outraged.  How could this be?  We are conservative heaters who choose to throw on an extra sweater rather than create a balmy eco-system in the dead of winter.  Our “new” home was larger than the last, but not by that much. Plus, we had reviewed all of the previous owners’ bills before finalizing our purchase.  So, why the big surprise now?

Not having planned for such an expensive overhaul, we made it through that first winter with plastic films on the windows and fireplace, as well as woolen blankets against the opening of the fireplace to further dampen the cold drafts.  Slight panic set in as we figured we could not afford to live in this house if heating continued to cost so much.

Luckily, after some investigation into the cause of our problem, and more research into possible solutions, we decided on two things.  We replaced our wood-burning fireplace, which we later found out had been mis-installed and left a gaping hole in our wall from which most of our hot air escaped. Then, we had added insulation blown into our attic to increase the insulating properties.  The company we decided on (after hours of research) was Inso-Tec Inc.

Imagine how ecstatic we were when the following January we received our heating bill to the tune of $160 – what an incredible difference!

I have touched upon the advantage of spraying insulation in one’s attic in a previous post, but thought that I would discuss it in more personal detail to prove just how worthwhile this investment can be. While the upfront cost may seem daunting, it will save you so much money in the long run.

Think about it.