Posted November 22, 2010 by admin in Lifestyle

Adjusted Hydro Off-Peak Rates Not Much of a Break for Families


The CBC reported this morning that consumers will benefit from an earlier off-peak hydro rate, starting in May 2010.

Instead of waiting until 9pm to start your dryer, your can now enjoy your laundry task during dinner or bath time for the kids.  Also, best wake up at 6 a.m. to get the early load on before work.

Of course, this is better than nothing, but it’s not very convenient for those of us who stay at home.  Even for those who work.  What mom or dad has time to think about laundry while getting their kids’ lunches packed, hair brushed and shoes on the right foot before they rush out the door for a jam-packed day?

It seems that if you want to enjoy a bit of sanity, some down-time after dinner and a lower hydro bill, best wait until the weekend to perform your major chores.

I suppose it’s all about adjusting our routines to accommodate (as much as we can without losing our minds or running out of clothes to wear) the new peak times to  avoid astronomical costs.  As the pollers have suggested, higher rates have caused monthly bills to increase up to 100% for some.  Unfortunately, power rates will rise 46% over the next five years so we need to get used to our new habits.