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Delight your palate this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Roses
Valentine's Roses

Whether you are someone who approaches Valentine’s Day with a naive anticipation of love’s ultimate expression, or you buy into a more cynical view that February 14th was hijacked by Hallmark a long time ago, it is a valid excuse to celebrate love and friendships. Busy lives make it easy to forget to show those around us that we care. Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to organize a special evening.

This year, Father Miser and I will be celebrating over a delectable meal out. It may seem uncharacteristic for us to splurge on a product that will be digested within hours of having consumed it; however, we love food and we are willing to pay for the experience. Don’t get me wrong. We don’t eat out often. We prefer to make our own food and settle down to candlelight dinner at our kitchen table. But when we do decide to go out, we are willing to pay because it happens only once in a while and we have high expectations. There is nothing that irks me more than paying someone to serve me a meal I could have made myself.

There are five restaurants in Ottawa that have never disappointed us. Here they are listed in order of preference:

  1. Allium, 87 Holland Avenue, 613.792.1313
  2. Navarra, 93 Murray Street, 613.241.5500
  3. Beckta, 226 Nepean Street, 613.238.7063
  4. The Wellington Gastropub, 1325 Wellington Street West, 613.729.1315
  5. Oree du Bois, 15 chemin Kingsmere, Chelsea (QC), 819.827.0332

The food in these restaurants are of high quality, the menus are seasonal, the choices are original and the service is impeccable. Why not book a table and enjoy an evening of tasteful indulgence to celebrate this year?

Of course, be sure the outing fits into your budget. The treat it not worth the after-stress of knowing you spent more than you should have on a single meal. If you simply cannot afford it this year, consult my tips from last year to make Valentine’s Day special.

How about you fellow Ottawa residents? What is your favourite restaurant?