Posted September 28, 2012 by Jen in Finance

Finding Extra Pennies

piggy bank
piggy bank

Sometimes being responsible can be exhausting, particularly when it comes to your finances. If you are reading this, you probably are on the right path, making efforts to try and save and learning to make the most with your income.

Over time, you will find your own saving tricks. Ideas for changes may come to you, for example during a game of  www.cheekybingo.com, or while you’re travelling to and from work. Here are a few simple reminders that can help you save on overall expenses:

Lower your interest rate

If you are good at keeping yourself out of debt and always pay your bills on time, you have power over the credit card company. They won’t want to lose you, which means you can negotiate a lower interest rate. Obviously don’t be too cheeky, but remind them how good a customer you are, and they’ll accommodate you.


Put away as much money as you can spare. You will always have necessary expenses such as bills, a mortgage and rent etc, but making the effort to put away even a small amount each month, will pay off in the future.

Cut unnecessary direct debits

Are you spending unecessarily on services that you are not actually using? If you pay for a gym membership, for example, but do not actually go to the gym, you are wasting your money - especially if you have direct debit set up for such expenses. Taking the time to assess your true needs can help you save, such as decided to cut cable costs.

Dine at home

Instead of going out to restaurants with friends and family, invite them to your home. It’s cheaper to cook a meal than it is to pay for one in a restaurant, especially if each guest contributes one dish to the spread.

Shopping list

When grocery shopping, bring a shopping list and stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to buy items that aren’t needed and you will avoid spending unecessarily.