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Gymboree Play and Music


Last night I settled in to watch Dragon’s Den on CBC.  While I am definitely not as harsh or as rich as Kevin O’Leary, I do agree with him on the value/yield investment model. Why invest into a product that will not provide returns?  But this is a post about an investment of a different kind – one about investing in your children.

Parents know how difficult it is to find age-appropriate activities for their kids. Not only ones that will maintain their fickle interest, but also those that teach them skills and help them reach developmental milestones.

I found such a treasure in Gymboree’s ‘Play and Learn’ classes at the Orleans location, owned and operated by Tanya Lalonde Desjardins. Tanya’s dedication to the children and her business is apparent from the moment you enter. From her enthusiasm in leading classes, to the way she greets every child by name (which is impressive given that I can’t even remember my own children’s names some mornings), there is no doubt that you are in good hands.

At first glance, some dismiss the activity as too expensive, but when you break down the actual cost of what you get, it only makes sense to enrol your child into such a program. Gymboree Play and Music programs are developed by specialists in consultation with Zero to Three (the same company that helps produce Sesame Street), and target the developmental stage of your child. Add this to the child-friendly, safe and colourful environment, engaging staff on location and catchy tunes; it’s no wonder that Gymboree is the global leader in classes for children aged 0 to 5 years old.

For $60 per month, your child benefits from unlimited bilingual classes at his/her level (4-5 classes each week), unlimited family classes (2 times per week) and can attend playgyms (free play) up to 4 times per week.  You can even bring siblings along to the playgyms for no added cost.  Members also receive clothing discounts, workshops, educational handouts, discounts on birthday parties and other special events, among other perks.

So to summarize, for $15 per week you get professionally developed programs and activities geared at your child’s cognitive level, in which you can be an active participant.   Not to mention that you will be provided with receipts that will make you eligible for the children’s fitness tax credit. Now that makes a miser like me very happy!


This post has not been sponsored and simply reflects my own thoughts on the product’s quality.