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How to find the perfect babysitter


Now that the school year is in full swing, many parents may be looking for a babysitter to watch the kids while they run errands or treat themselves to a date night. When you’re searching for a babysitter for your children, it’s important to conduct thorough research in order to find a dependable caretaker. Each time you’re out of the house, you want your children to feel safe and have fun with their babysitter. As you search for the perfect match, consider the following tips:

1. Get Suggestions: Asking your friends, coworkers and family for recommendations is the best way to find a good babysitter for your children. Your friends and relatives likely have had some good and bad experiences with a few different babysitters. Your loved ones can also give you advice on how much to pay a babysitter, and other logistical issues.

2. Make a List: If you are unable to get any recommendations from family members or friends, start creating your own list of potential babysitters. You can start with any relatives and friends you have who may be willing to babysit. Then, expand your list to include close neighbors and other trusted members of your community. You can also consult reputable online sources.

3. Interview: Once you’ve made a list of potential babysitters, take the time to interview each one individually. You should ask candidates about their previous experience as a babysitter. Be sure to also ask about their basic medical skills in case of an emergency. Finally, present a few hypothetical situations to learn more about their personality. For example, you could ask what the sitter would do if your child refused to go to bed. 

4. Make a Decision: Once you’ve come up with a list of possible babysitters, you can begin to evaluate the choices. If you want to avoid making a rushed decision, do this step long before you actually need the babysitter. You can take your time to slowly consider the merits of each of your candidates.

5. Test Run: When introducing a new babysitter to your child, consider inviting the candidate over for an hour or so to evaluate how they play together on a day that you do not need to go out. This approach allows your child to get to know the sitter without the anxiety of anticipating your departure. The first time you need the sitter, plan to stay home for the 10 or 15 minutes before you go. This gives your child the opportunity to further acclimatize to the sitter, and for you to provide any last-minute instructions. 

6. Reconsider: After leaving your children with the babysitter for a short time, carefully evaluate your choice. Ask your children about the experience and consider their opinion. If a babysitter doesn’t get along with them, or fails to follow your rules, consult your list to start your search again.

Finding a good babysitter for your children will take time and energy; however, knowing that you found a babysitter you can count on is certainly worth the process.


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