Posted January 3, 2012 by admin in Finance

My Goals for 2012

Photo by Jenna Sparks
Photo by Jenna Sparks

It’s time for me to take stock of the year that has passed, reflect on what I want to maintain or change, and set goals for the year to come. I realize it is a little cliché to have such a list, but I feel it will help keep me accountable. It’s not so much that I am setting resolutions per se, but simply that I am challenging myself to be better.


  • Pay down our mortgage by $25,000;
  • Continue to create a family budget, however start tracking that budget in more detail;
  • Earn double my freelance income from 2011.


  • Create a larger following for my blog by researching and writing interesting content that gets people thinking about how they manage their finances and how they live their lives;
  • Guest post for other blogs at least 6 times this year;
  • Grow my freelance client base;
  • Master the art of social media;
  • Attend one blogger conference;
  • Attend one yoga conference.


  • Learn to live in the present moment;
  • Be more patient with my kids;
  • Read 20 books this year;
  • Attend 1 yoga class per week in a studio to complement my home practice and learn from other teachers;
  • Run 1 organized 10km race;
  • Enjoy 1 date night per month outside the home with my loving husband.

Have you considered your goals for 2012? If so, what is your biggest challenge ahead?