Posted October 2, 2012 by Jen in Reviews

New Government-Launched Financial Tool

Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has launched a site to help educate Canadians on personal finance and help them make decisions that best suit their individual needs. The site offers tip sheets and various online publications on the subjects of banking, budgeting, fraud, insurance, mortgages and loans, savings and investments.

The online tools include mortgage calculators, guidance in selecting the best banking packages, credit card payment calculators, as well as budget calculators.

Why would you use this site?

  • For tips on how to get the lowest rate for your mortgage;
  • To determine whether your bank is allowed to hold funds after you deposit a cheque;
  • For guidance on what to consider when buying insurance;
  • To help identify some of the financial considerations of having children
  • For tips on creating a budget

The site is one that Canadians can depend on as a first point of reference when it comes to personal finance education. Plus, all information is regulated and therefore can be trusted.

Be sure to check it out!