Posted November 8, 2011 by admin in Finance

Should you invest in winter tires for your car?


Although the weather is unseasonably beautiful this week, we Canadians have to face the reality that the cold and snow will be here soon. Most of us are busy preparing for winter, turning off our water mains, raking our leaves, putting our gardens to bed, bleeding our lawn-mowers, tuning up our snow-blowers, and clearing out space in our garage to make room for parking cars. There are many things to consider in preparation for the cold, one of which should be winter tires for your car.

Some people think that the need for winter tires is a marketing ploy and that, in truth, they are a complete waste of money. I disagree.

Here are a few reasons why you should outfit your car with winter tires: 

  1. Safety: winter tires (aka snow tires) are specifically designed to perform in low temperature conditions. The tread compound is softer than that used in tires for summer conditions, thus providing better grip on ice and snow;
  2. Extend the life of your tires: By using your summer or winter tires only 6 months of the year, you extend the life of each set; thereby voiding the argument that snow tires are a waste of money;
  3. Insurance discounts: You can reduce your car insurance rate by installing winter tires on your vehicle;
  4. Legal matters: In some provinces, such asQuebec and in some parts of British-Columbia, snow tires are legally required.

I know it is not fun to spend money in tires, but for your own safety and that of your family, for the sake of saving money on insurance and to extend the life of your summer tires, I urge you to squeeze such a cost into your budget.

Safe driving!