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Thinking of buying a home? Here’s an agent who is worth your money!

How many people do you know that have actually become friends with their real estate agent? I am not even talking about big time investors. I mean the run of the mill everyman who was shopping for a home and came out one friendship richer? Not many, right?

Well, I have and it’s time I share this gem with Ottawa residents – that is, if you haven’t already met him. If you’re not from Ottawa, keep reading. The sort of things I am sharing about this particular agent may surprise you as you discover the type of service that can exist and can be applied to any city and/or field of professional services. When you are spending the big bucks, it’s nice to receive more than you expect in return.

Father Miser and I met A.J. Plant in 2008 after some trouble with a previous real estate agent. Just shy of being a knight on a white horse, A.J. came along and sorted all of the issues created by this other individual. Most surprisingly, he ended up giving this other guy full commission on the purchase of our new home. He wanted to do the right thing. You see, this is what A.J. does. He has integrity.

During the transaction of our home sale and purchase, A.J. performed all the duties you would expect of a professional real estate agent. He shared useful tips to promote the sale of our home. He diligently advertised the sale. He organized professional open-house viewings. He always returned our phone calls in a remarkably short time frame. His staff members were helpful and friendly (such a rarity in customer service these days). But that is where the run-of-the mill service ended, which would have been more than was expected from us in the first place.

The thing about A.J. is that he truly goes above and beyond the call of duty. He would randomly stop by to see how our packing was progressing. On the day of the move, he showed up and ordered pizza for our entire crew. Once we were into our new home, he paid for catering services during our house-warming party. Seriously, can you believe this? What other human being does all this without being obliged?

Best of all, he is extremely modest about his kindness and generosity. He wants to be his clients’ “AJent for life.” That’s his motto. He figures (and rightly so) that if he invests in people by giving them exquisite service, they will remain loyal clients. Genius! It’s a win-win situation. He’s making money, that’s certain. But if you are going to pay for real estate services anyway, wouldn’t you want to hire someone who gives back?

Over the three years since we have met him, he has given us bottles of wine, photography session gift vouchers, box seat tickets to concerts (like Oasis and Cold Play), as well as tickets to hockey games, all in the name of valuing his clients.

Now, you’re probably thinking we must have bought a mansion to attract this kind of attention. But then you would be forgetting that we are misers through and through. This is how he treats every single one of his clients.

Last autumn, he invited his clientele to a catered dinner at a local baseball stadium, which he had closed down for the event! Families, including us, ate a meal and then tossed the ball around on a professional field – all at his expense.  For those in attendance, he offered an even greater incentive. If anyone referred a client who bought or sold with him, he would give them the gift of a 1 week family cruise.

Even as I write this, I am shaking my head. It’s absolutely incredible. Some have asked me, “what’s the catch?” Shockingly, there is none!

He, his wife and his three kids were just over last weekend for dinner. We have become friends over time (having met originally as absolute strangers) and I would whole-heartedly recommend his services to anybody in the market for a home or an investment property. Check him out: www.ajplant.com.


This post has not been sponsored and simply reflects my own thoughts on the service quality.